crane and building materials at the Huey P. Long Railroad Bridge construction site

Project Description

Client: New Orleans Public Belt Railroad & Louisiana Department of Transportation

Location: New Orleans, LA

Date of Completion: June 2008

Boh Bros. constructed Phase II of the Huey P. Long Bridge project. Under Phase II, two areas of the bridge were relocated and modified to allow for future roadways for the new bridge approaches. On the East Bank of the Mississippi River, Boh Bros. constructed three new bridge piers to support the longer girder spans. The construction consisted of H-piles, temporary steel sheeting, concrete footings and caps. In order to ensure rail traffic throughout the project, Boh built temporary shoring to support the large structures. Boh removed three 78 foot and two 45 foot superstructure sections, as well as two existing towers. West Bank modifications required construction of two new concrete footings and columns to accommodate a steel cross girder. This cross girder will serve as the pier caps for future traffic.

Challenges: Some aspects of the project required closure of the railroad, impacting the east-west transit across the Mississippi. Precise coordination with the railroad led to a successful closure and erection of the members.

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