Seabrook Railroad Bridge under construction during the I-10 widening project

Project Description

Client: LADOTD

Location: East Baton Rouge Parish, LA

Date of Completion: Feb 2014

The I-10 DB project was an extremely innovative project from start to finish, including the procurement period. The RFP required an additional lane in each direction and included a conceptual bridge widening plan. Due to the maximum bid amount, it was commonly believed that widening the existing bridge structures was the only viable option. Based on the evaluation criteria in the RFP established by the owner, the DB collaborated and came up with a phased construction plan to completely replace the KCS Overpass structures while maintaining 2 lanes of traffic in each direction, greatly reducing impact to rail traffic, avoiding the existing overhead transmission line, and coming in below the maximum bid amount. A new overpass structure, as opposed to widening the existing structure, provided more clear area for a future railroad track and eliminated the need for future maintenance and eventual replacement of a widened structure. As a result, the Boh DB Team received an extremely high technical score and was awarded the project.

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