the Impala Dock on the Mississippi River

Project Description

Client: Impala

Location: Ascension Parish, LA

Date of Completion: Mar 2014

The dock upgrade was part of Impala’s $250 million conversion of a 1956-constructed terminal (closed since 2008) into a state-of-the-art facility for coal, bauxite, alumina, and other bulk commodities on the Lower Mississippi River. The completed terminal is one of the top bulk logistics facilities in the U.S. and the only one on the Mississippi River with both rail-to-vessel and barge-to-vessel capabilities. The original, 1,000 ft.-long dock was comprised of 55-ft. diameter steel sheet pile cells filled with concrete and reinforcing steel and capped with steel and concrete decking. Most of the decking had been previously removed or damaged. Boh was tasked with: removing the remainder of the existing deck and structures above the existing sheet pile cells, driving new steel sheet pile cells around the existing ones to increase their dimensions to 60 ft. diameter, filling in the annular space between new and existing sheeting, demolishing the concrete caps within the existing cells, rebuilding the deck, and protecting the river side of the dock with fender panels. Boh was driving piles landside as well as in the river, and performing demolition at the same time. To make the sheet pile cells around the existing cells, Boh had to drive 928 sheets that were upward of 130 ft. long. Crews also drove, 110, 42-inch-diameter pipe piles that are 187 ft. long, as well as 60-inch-diameter piles that are 195 ft. long. Pilings of that length are too long to be trucked to the site, so Boh fabricated them at its Almonaster yard and shipped them to the project in full lengths by barge.