construction equipment at the International Marine Terminal Dock

Project Description

Client: International Marine Terminal

Location: Myrtle Grove, LA

Date of Completion: Oct 2012

The dock completed by Boh Bros. is part of a three-phase expansion that occurred from 2011-2014 and doubled IMT’s capacity. IMT primarily handles barge-to-ship and ship-to-barge transfers of coal and petroleum coke. The new dock that Boh built was for IMT’s new, ocean-going barge loader. Robert Desselles, IMT’s project manager, commented, “Boh Bros. performance is always very good and very professional. Boh Bros. is the type of contractor that you can trust to work independently because they have good systems in place, good management, and they know what they’re doing.” The scope of the project fell within Boh’s expertise in marine work, including pile fabrication, pile driving, and concrete placement over water. The new dock consists of two platforms, a landside approach bent, and riverside breasting dolphins. The larger of the two platforms houses the new loading system and the other is a working point for service to the loader. To construct the breasting dolphins, Boh drove four, 72-inch-diameter and two, 60-inch-diameter piles—all 150 ft. long—to depths of 135 ft. The large platform is supported by eight, 36-inch piles, and the smaller one by four, 24-inch piles. Crews at Boh’s Almonaster yard fabricated steel templates to guide placement of the piles and false work to support the concrete deck pours. “It’s a large amount of concrete that has to be placed in the river on an elevated platform,” said Matt Williams, a Boh project manager. “In order to do that, you have to place a forming structure to bear the weight of the concrete, and then remove it once the concrete once it cures.” The large platform required 120 cubic yards of concrete, and the smaller one 30 cubic yards.