bulldozer and dump truck on the streets of New Orleans, Louisiana

Project Description

Client: Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans

Location: New Orleans, LA

Date of Completion: Dec 2015

Boh Bros. took on the challenge of a $6.7 million project to replace 14,000 linear feet of broken or leaking potable water lines in the Central Business District and French Quarter of New Orleans. In two of the busiest locations in the city, Boh was tasked with coordinating with businesses in order to have minimal service disruption to customers and to not impede traffic. Funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the project replaced water lines that were broken or damaged due to flooding and ensuing ground settlement following Hurricane Katrina. Water mains throughout the CBD and French Quarter range from 8 to 30 inches, and the majority of the old pipes were cast iron. These pipes were being replaced with PVC or ductile iron. In most of the project area, Boh Bros. saw cut the pavement and excavating to install the new pipe. The Boh crew also used hydro excavation to locate existing utilities and reduce the risk of exposing or breaking gas, fiber optic or electrical lines. In a few areas, Boh was required to perform directional drilling to install new water lines to avoid tearing up new or recently repaired pavement. The directional drilling required excavation of only a small hole at either end of the section where the pipe was installed. A small bit fixed with a sensor guided a cutter underground, and the new pipe was fed through the resulting tunnel. Once the pipe work was completed, Boh filled the excavations with temporary asphalt or rock to provide a safe driving surface until Boh’s Disadvantaged Business Enterprise restoration subcontractor followed with permanent pavement repairs.