Construction Site with Boh Bros. Jet Vacuum Evacuation System


Boh Bros. developed the Boh Jet Vacuum Excavation System to increase excavation productivity and enhance personnel safety.
The system was issued U.S. Patent #8,858,124 on October 14, 2014 making it unique to Boh Bros. The system consists of a traditional vacuum truck that supplies high-pressure water and/or air to the Boh jet vacuum attachment, which is mounted on a common excavator.

“When we looked at this particular project, I knew we needed Boh Bros. using their hydro excavation expertise. This is the best technology I’ve seen utilized in a setting such as ours. Nothing compares to it when it comes to safety, protecting the environment and damage prevention of our pipeline.”

-Tim Thibodaux, LOCAP Supervisor


  • Exploratory excavation to identify, map, and survey underground utilities/obstructions
  • Cleaning manholes, valve boxes, pits, sumps, drainage systems, and culverts
  • General excavation, potholing, trenching and shoring.
Boh Bros. Jet Evacuation System

Site & Project Advantages

  • Production rates are 3-4 times faster than traditional systems
  • The Dual Equipment System offers the ability to change attachments to perform a variety of tasks
  • The excavator delicately navigates around utilities, pipelines, and fiber optic cables
  • Offers continual discharge of excavated materials by using vacuum pumps, multiple trucks and containment areas, resulting in less down time

Increase to Operator/Craftsman Safety

  • Unlike common vacuum excavation methods where personnel are exposed to numerous safety hazards, such as airborne debris, contaminated areas, hazardous conditions, and slips/falls, the operator of the Boh Jet Vacuum Excavation System works safely inside the cab unexposed to these hazards
  • Front cameras and monitors give the operator more control to maneuver the attachment, while a rear camera provides additional safety
  • An air-monitoring device and gas detector trigger an alarm in the cab when abnormalities are detected