Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Safety Bays CMAR Project

About this Project

  • Date: 2019


  • Project Type: marine Construction


  • 2021 AGC Build America Awards, Award of Merit

  • 2021 ENR Regional Best Projects, Award of Merit

  • 2021 ABC Pelican Excellence in Construction, Award of Merit

The Greater New Orleans Expressway Commission (GNOEC) sought to improve the safety of the 23.83 mile Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridges by adding shoulders and emergency pullover areas on both spans.

The GNOEC chose a Construction Management at Risk (CMAR) delivery method for a solution to meet their stated goals of:

  • Increased emergency stopping areas
  • Cost effective solution
  • Least Impact to Commuters

Boh Bros.’ experience in the CMAR process facilitated concurrent design and construction of twelve (12) – 1,008-foot-long pullover lanes comprised of precast components which were fabricated offsite and subsequently transported and installed from the water, thereby drastically minimizing work zones on the bridge and traffic impacts.

Twelve (12) – 1,008-foot-long by 16-foot-wide safety shoulders, comprised of:

  • 192 – 54” diameter Precast concrete spun cast cylinder piles, varying from 54’ – 104’ long
  • 192 – Precast concrete caps, varying from 11’-15’ in length, 4.67’ wide, 3.58’ depth
  • 216 – Type III Girders, 53’–8” long
  • 144 – Type IV Girders, 83’-11” long
  • 180 – Precast deck sections complete with barrier rails

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