Boh Bros. annually completes over 250 civil, marine, and industrial construction projects for a variety of public, industrial and commercial owners. Over 90% of our work is self-performed. Boh works both directly for owners and as subcontractors to prime contractors. We specialize in the following heavy construction services:

Heavy Civil Construction

Bridges, industrial foundations, tank foundations, cofferdams, excavations, concrete and heavy construction, power plants, water and sewer treatment plants, flood protection structures, drainage canals and box culverts, railroads.

Marine Construction

Marine pile driving, wharf construction and fabrication, dock construction and fabrication, dock erection and repair, marine demolition and salvage work, heavy lifting, shallow water onshore and offshore oil field installation and removal, mooring dolphins, large diameter monopiles, anchor piles.

Underground Utilities

Drainage systems and structures, industrial firewater systems, cured-in-place pipe (CIPP), pipe bursting, sanitary sewer systems, sewerage pumping stations, drainage pumping stations, railroad jacking and boring, road jacking and boring.

Vacuum Excavation

Exploratory excavation to identify, map and survey underground utilities and obstructions, cleaning manholes, valve boxes, pits, sumps, drainage systems, and culverts, general excavation, potholing, trenching, and shoring.

Pile Driving

Land and marine piling, deep foundations, drill shafts, pile clusters, erection and repair of sheet piling bulkheads, cofferdams.


Asphalt roadway paving, asphalt cold milling, asphalt sales to private and public entities, asphalt plant serving the Greater New Orleans area.



Earthmoving, land clearing, excavation, demolition, limestone base installation, limestone base installation, soil stabilization, laydown yards.



Concrete and asphalt paving, roadway paving, parking lots, grading, resurfacing, asphalt cold milling.