About this Project

  • Date: 2019

  • Client: shintech

  • Project Type: piling/deep foundations

Boh Bros. assisted Shintech on its new $1.49 billion chlor alkali and vinyl chloride monomer production facility by driving 6,500, 14-inch-diameter steel pipe piles and constructing numerous pipe rack and tank foundations. The foundations are designed in 20 different sizes, ranging from 6- to 20-foot square, and from 16 inches to 3.5 feet thick – Boh Bros. crews also installed over 18,000 CY of concrete foundations throughout the facility. The piles arrived at the site in two pieces and were welded together for a total length of 130 feet. All of the piles are filled with concrete, which helps Shintech achieve greater lateral stability for a variety of different sized units across its 80-acre site. Boh utilized up to 10 driving rigs, completing the piling scope in 15 weeks.

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Boh Bros. assisted Avondale Marine in rebuilding Dock No. 2 so that Host can use the dock’s existing pilesupported ship ways to construct a suspended roadway. Once operational, trucks will be able to carry heavy loads from dock to land, and vice versa, as the roadway will have a 100-ton capacity. 

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Safety Bays CMAR Project

The Greater New Orleans Expressway Commission (GNOEC) sought to improve the safety of the 23.83 mile Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridges by adding shoulders and emergency pullover areas on both spans. The GNOEC chose a Construction Management at Risk (CMAR) delivery method for a solution to meet their stated goals.

Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport

Boh Bros. traveled to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to work as the paving contractor on Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport’s $64 million rehabilitation effort. Boh Bros.’ scope included nearly $16 million in concrete paving and involved both the replacement of the North Runway and sections of Taxiway B. 

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