PILing/Deep Foundations 

We are and have been a pioneer in land and marine pile driving since our earliest days. The unique and challenging soils of the Gulf Coast are unparalleled and require a great deal of expertise to navigate. Boh Bros. skill as a piling contractor allows us to deliver exceptional performance in the most complex of settings.


  • Treated Timber and Timber Composite Piles, Steel Pipe Piles, H Section Piles, Pre-Stressed Concrete Piles, Steel Sheet Piles 
  • Marine Piling
  • Low-Headroom and Limited Access Piles 
  • Anchor Piles, Monopiles, and Pile Clusters
  • Drilled Shaft Installation Consisting of Straight and Bell-Bottom Shafts 
  • Helical Pile Installations 
  • Steel Sheet Pile Installation for Marine Bulkheads and Temporary Retaining Structures 
  • Auger Cast Piles 
  • Test Piles 
Boh Bros workers constructing foundations for piles on the Shintech Pile Project.

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