For more than ten years, Boh Bros. has been a participant in two initiatives that seek to improve safety and ethical behavior in the construction industry. Through active participation in both, our company has contributed to making our industry better while using what we have learned from our peers to make constant improvements in these key areas.

Boh Bros. joined the Construction Industry Safety Initiative (CISI) in 2010. CISI is led by an Executive Committee of the CEOs of ten large self-performing heavy civil contractors; I have been proud to represent us on this committee over that time. The committee’s main work is putting on a Safety Summit every two years. In attendance are the CEO, the top operations leader, and the safety director from about 30 large contractors.

The founding principles of the Safety Summit include a transparent review of common safety challenges and a sharing of best practices. Although these companies are routinely fierce competitors in the marketplace, when it comes to the safety of our people, there are no trade secrets. Our company has benefitted greatly from the ideas and experiences we have learned at the Summit and in the Steering Committee. In our Summer 2022 issue of the Boh Picture, you can read about one of those ideas, STCKY, that was introduced to our teams recently during Safety Week.

Boh Bros. became a member of the Construction Industry Ethics and Compliance Initiative (CIECI) in 2011. CIECI was founded in April 2008 by the CEOs of 13 of the largest construction firms in the country with the purpose of taking a collective stand to promote integrity, ethical business conduct, and compliance. Those founding members believed that by modeling ethical business practices, backing up their words with actions, and sharing best practices in the areas of ethics and compliance that the reputation of the industry would be elevated.

I am a member of the CIECI Steering Committee, which organizes two meetings each year for the CEOs and Compliance Officers of the now 47 member firms to address the emerging ethics and compliance risks faced by the construction industry. Our ethics and compliance program has evolved over the years with many best practices learned from our fellow CIECI member firms. “Never Be Satisfied” is one of Boh Bros.’s Core Values. By being an active participant in CISI and CIECI, we are living that Core Value as we strive to constantly improve the safety and ethical practices of our business.